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The best teen movies (top 5) on Soap2Day

The so-called transition age is one of the most difficult periods in life. Teenagers face family conflicts for the first time, look for their place in life, erect new ideals and crumble old ones. Movies for teenagers help to survive this difficult time and tell you how to act in such situations. The big advantage of these movies is that teenagers can associate themselves with their characters. Here are the best ones.

The best teen movies (top 5) on Soap2Day

1. Bridge to Terrabithia

Jess and Leslie's classmates have a lot in common: both are outcasts, the fastest runners in the class, but beyond that, both have vivid imaginations. Jess's friendship with Leslie helps distract him from the real world, where he is forced to live in a poor family and lug around his older sisters' shoes. One day, during a walk, they use a rope to get to the other side of the river and find shelter there. Using their imagination, the children create a fairy-tale world there and call it Terrabitia. This place becomes their second home... You can enjoy watching Bridge to Terrabithia in high quality on soap2day.

2. Donnie Darko

Donnie is an ordinary high school boy who loves literature. Having miraculously escaped death, as a result of a plane engine crash, the teenager learns that in 28 days the world will end. Now it's up to Donnie to prevent it with the help of Frank, an imaginary man in a bunny suit. With the help of his high school physics teacher, Donnie learns about the possibility of time travel. This presents him with a difficult dilemma: should he save the world and become a hero, or let events take their course?

3. Dead Poets Society

A teacher at a prestigious private academy, John Keating changes the lives of his students by awakening their interest in literature and poetry. He teaches them not to blindly trust authority, to live for today, and to boldly express their attitudes toward life, including through their gait. His teaching methods do not meet with the approval of the administration, but he inspires teenagers to revive the Dead Poets Society, an informal club. Since then, the schoolchildren's motto has been the Latin saying carpe diem - seize the moment.

4. Twelve and Holding

Twelve-year-old Jacob is forced to grow up rapidly after his twin brother Rudy is killed in a fire. While his parents ignore the boy's suffering, he hatches plans for revenge against his peers responsible for the accident. Meanwhile, Jacob's friends face their own problems. Malie, who grows up without a father, falls in love with her adult friend. And Leonard tries to get rid of his extra weight for the first time, trying unsuccessfully to get his parents on his side.

5. Good Will Hunting

Wunderkind Will has encyclopedic knowledge and outstanding math skills, but he takes his time using them. Instead, he works part-time as a janitor at the Institute of Technology. One day he catches the eye of Professor Gerald Lambo by solving one of the toughest graduate-level problems in a flash. Will agrees to cooperate with the professor, but before that he has to solve his inner problems. In this he is helped by psychologist Sean, the only one of his colleagues able to fight back the self-confident young man.